Dana-Farber’s Year of Milestones – 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, Laurie H. Glimcher, MD, has completed her first full year as President and CEO of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Under Gilmcher’s leadership, Dana-Farber has achieved many milestones in cancer science and medicine. Dana-Farber is one of the world leaders in leveraging the human immune system to fight cancer, and in 2017 its team of researchers demonstrated the effectiveness of the first-ever personalized cancer vaccine in a clinical trial for melanoma.

Each patient a part of its melanoma study achieved complete remission from advanced phases of the disease, either from the vaccine they developed or in combination with another immunotherapy. These findings marked a transformation for cancer research. Dana-Farber remains as determined as ever to keep expanding the benefits of such discoveries to more patients.

Dana-Farber has been pivotal to drug development. Of the 75 cancer drugs approved by the FDA since 2011, Dana-Farber has been deeply involved in nearly half—including the recent landmark approval of CAR T-cell therapy, a new immunotherapy, for adults with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Dana-Farber currently has 900 clinical trials of various innovative therapies underway. Only select trials are supported by federal funding, the rest are available to patients because of the support Dana-Farber receives from its partners. Dana-Farber is considered a prestigious cancer center because it not only offers a commitment to research but also to patient care. Its success and commitment to its patients was recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review when they named Dana-Farber one of the 100 Great Hospitals in America for 2017.

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