Nicole Berger

Nicole BergerNicole Berger is an actress and model, and Harvey Berger’s eldest daughter. She also has a younger sister, Isabella Berger.

Nicole Berger most recently played a leading role in the upcoming film, Two for One, which premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival in November 2016. In the film, she plays Grace, a young girl who loses her parents in the events of 9/11 and has to go live with her uncle, played by Jon Abrahams, who is also the director of the movie. Like her character in the movie, Berger began playing piano at a young age, which allowed her to play her own piano scenes in the film.

Berger has acted in other films including Prescient, Goldberg, P.I., and The Longest Week. In the Longest Week, she plays Olivia Wilde’s character as a young girl. Her earliest modeling campaigns included Toys “R” Us and Saks Fifth Avenue.

In addition to acting, she studies singing, dance, and theatre. Berger has studied piano at Mannes College in New York City and musical theatre at StarStruck Academy in Florida. Her other passions include helping animals.

To connect, follow Nicole Berger on Instagram @OfficialNicoleBerger and @NicoleEBerger on Twitter.

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