Nicole Elizabeth Berger’s Exciting Year

It’s half way into year and already 2018 has been a whirlwind for Nicole Elizabeth Berger. Nicole starred in the recently released film, All At Once. All At Once is a family drama that focuses on an upcoming artist whose life is turned around when he gained guardianship of two young girls after their parents, who were his best friends, were killed in 9/11. The film was originally shown at the Napa Valley Film Festival in 2016 and was released for streaming and DVD in April 2018.

Nicole recently wrapped up filming Clover in Buffalo, NY. Clover is a dramatic crime film about two brother who have to go on the run and protect a teenage girl who is witness to a murder. Nicole plays the film’s namesake, Clover. The film is set to release in early 2019.

Nicole also just finished filming a fantasy-reality film, The Place of No Words. The film centers around 3-year-old, Bodhi, as he battles the complexities of an adult world with his father. The film takes place in Snowdonia, Wales and Nicole plays Esmeralda, a fairy who interacts with the characters in the film.

When Nicole isn’t on set, she is attending Palm Beach Day Academy in Palm Beach, Florida, and partakes in the school’s theater program. This May, she played Maria in the school’s production of West Side Story. Last year, she starred as Ms. Honey in the school’s production of Matilda. In May, she also was awarded top drama award for a graduating senior at Palm Beach Day Academy, the Amory L. Haskell Award.