How to Celebrate Holidays Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

At this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans are getting “pandemic fatigue” and beginning to attend indoor social gatherings, often unmasked. According to the CDC, smaller social gatherings among family and friends are one of the main drivers of current COVID-19 spread. This is particularly difficult to combat as the country heads into a season of traditional family gathering times: Thanksgiving and the holidays. Unfortunately, any time small or large groups of people gather outside their households, the risk of COVID-19 spread increases. Here’s how you can celebrate the holidays safely.

Have a Traditional Dinner with Your Household Only

The best way to stay safe from COVID-19 during the holidays is to spend the day with members of your household only and avoid the traditional gathering of extended family and friends. You can still prepare traditional recipes and engage in family traditions, but without contact with other people who are not in your household. 

Have a Virtual Gathering with Family or Friends

This year is a good opportunity to gather your family and friends virtually to enjoy a shared meal or just catch up. You can swap recipes in advance or prepare meals to drop off with local relatives (with no contact). These types of virtual and contactless activities can be particularly helpful if you live alone and are craving the social togetherness of the holidays. 

If you traditionally shop on Black Friday with friends or family, this is a good year to gather via videoconference and shop online for your holidays gifts or deals.

Unfortunately, there is not a good way to safely gather for Thanksgiving or for the holidays. The best way to protect your loved ones is to remain apart until it is safe to gather together once again. Find ways to connect virtually to keep your family and friends safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: CDC

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